Monday, 22 May 2017

The Luck Here is Insane in The Membrane

I created a new hardcore world. I spawned by a village, took off with the loot and looted a desert temple nearby. I liked the location, made it my base, and then made a small tower as a mine in a plains biome nearby. I managed to get enough diamonds for an enchanting table, a pickax, and a chestplate. I found 4 more diamonds in the desert temple. I looted another temple with not much, found a desert village with virtually nothing, and returned to my base. I lured some animals (sheep, cows, and chickens using eggs.) I made pens for them in the first level of my temple. The second level was plant life, the third level is going to be either a storage unit or just more farms. The fourth level is my soon-to-be brewing, my enchanting table, my nether portal, and the rest of my facilities. The final level will be a railroad system to other places.


My luck in new the hardcore world has skyrocketed. I was caving somewhere south of my desert temple home, when I saw this:

It was a stronghold! And the portal with one of the eyes already filled in!

Further south, there was a small plain next to a dark forest. There was a village there, and it had some loot, along with a Cartographer:
This would be really nice if it was a desert village.

I blocked off the way to the portal, and I plan to create a railroad system to it from my temple base. It won't be too hard, it's not too far away. The real challenge is making the railroad system from my mine to my temple.

I will be trading with the Cartographer soon.

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