Sunday, 5 March 2017

New Territory

I got bored of survival single player, so I went to the realms option and found that Hank's realm was expired. Okay. I'll be going on singleplayer more often now.

If Hank's stays expired, this may be the main Minecraft-related source of information for this blog. On the off hand, heres an update on the most advanced world:
I went mining for diamonds and returned with 58, allowing me to craft and then enchant a full set of diamond gear. 

I've finished my final set of tools, but I haven't gotten my final set of armor ready. Unbreaking III is a pain to get. To get rid of useless or low-level enchantments on the enchantment table, instead of crafting books to hold them, I just used stone or wooden tools. It's cheaper and works the same. Plus, I might even use them if I need to grind some dirt.

I was grinding experience for my final bow, and then I got two enchanted bows. I moved over to the cactus trash can, and I was about to throw the second one out when I saw that it had Infinity. It was nearly broken, so I used an anvil to meld that bow with my other bow. So now I have this:

Finally, I'll need to get one last wither skeleton skull from the nether so I can construct a wither and fight it. I hope it gives a lot of experience. I have a looting III sword, so that last part should be fine and done in about 20 minutes, maybe 30. I'll have to brew splash health potions and some golden apples. 

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