Saturday, 26 November 2016


I took Kepler caving. Two creeper explosions, a skeleton and a zombie were not enough to stop my faithful companion. My iron sword however, was. Because of the new 1.9 combat mechanisms, swords can now do area damage. Guess what? Kepler was attacking a zombie and a skeleton while I was fending off two zombies in close quarters when I swung at the skeleton, and did area damage to the zombie, and Kepler. Ouch. I made a gravestone for him, but I plan on adding netherrack and light it on fire in the gravestone. Rest in piece, Kepler. I now have six wolves, Osiris, Teplowf, Audun, Ammon, Carson, and Hadohan. I've decided to strip mine for now and leave my wolves be, as I don't need another fallen friend. Once I have enough iron, I'll return to the surface and farm until I have sufficient food and resources to start exploring. But for now, I want charcoal. Lots of it. I'll chop down wood until I have about two stacks. Then I'll go exploring. 

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Leader of the Pack

My hardcore world is going well. I went into a desert nearby me, and I managed to find a village with an iron helmet, boots and chestplate, allowing me to finish my set of iron armor.  I finished a full set of iron armor, a shield, and some iron tools before even going caving, which is a nice touch. On the other hand, I got turned around during the night phase, and it took quite a bit to find my way back, but on the bright side, I did tame several wolves along the way. Just for vanity, I went into creative and gave them all name tags; it's not going to affect gameplay much, and it's not like I'm giving myself valuable things, because that just makes the game pointless. I gave my wolves the names of Kepler, Carson, Hadohan, Teplowf, Audun, Ammon, and Osiris. Carson is a character from a very obscure book, Hadohan and Teplowf are names I just made up, Osiris and Ammon are from Egyptian mythology, Audun is a Norse name meaning affluent friend and Kepler is a planet.  

Hadohan, one of my many wolves.

Also, I added a wheat farm, a cow farm, and even a sheep and chicken farm. After my brief excursion, into the village, I returned with half a stack of potatoes and some carrots which I made a special far for. I don't know what I'm going to do with all this, I guess the only farms I'm going to be using are the chicken farm, the cow farm, and the wheat farm. I guess my next step is to go mining, but I'm debating on whether or not to take wolves with me. I made lots of improvements to my house, switching all the cobblestone to wooden planks. This world is really nice, and I figure it's a great way to kickstart my hardcore mode adventure. For now, my goal in this world is to complete the game's linear objective of slaying the Ender Dragon and the Wither. Speaking of worlds, I decided to list all my worlds and what I'm going to be doing in them.

Most Advanced So Far: Linear Objective, Exploration
Pretty self-explanatory, my most advanced world right now. It's also my longest running world.

In Memory of the Fig Menk: Building, Terraforming
I have some diamonds, but my main objective here is to build a large graveyard (Boy am I gloomy)and transform the small patch of plains I live in into my own little city, but all in survival. That should be fun. Also, this word is a memorial world for someone, so that's cool.

Protip: Don't Die: Don't die, Linear Objective
This is my hardcore world, and as I said above, it's going to be the linear objective and hopefully some other things as well.

Race to Awesome: Linear Objective?, What to do is still foggy
This is a little world I'm doing with other people; there's a race to see who can get the furthest and stuff. Maybe this could be for SMP.

Gargamel: Have fun
My Gargamel world, where I plan on enjoying the old world generation and having fun in old beta 1.3_01.

Skyblock: Linear Skyblock Objective(s)
This is my SkyBlock world. Self-explanatory as well.

The Universe: Testing things out, really beast spawn
I made a random world to showcase and test out new features, but I spawned next to a desert temple and a village. Damn, son. Also, it's the first world I've defeated the Ender Dragon (even though with a bunch of withers and in creative), visited the End Ship and cities, read the End Poem and come back, which is why it's called The Universe.

Archipelago of Ores: Haha
I messed around with the customized world setting to produce amazing mountains of ores. It should be in 1.8.8.

No Regeneration: Linear Objective, Building
A normal survival world with no natural regeneration and my home in an underground lake in a hill.

Friday, 18 November 2016


A teratuais is an octahedron that's light blue in color and has a faint aura of danger around it:

Something in the likes of this-  ◊

Teratuai are one of the most dangerous things in the world. Thank goodness a djinn named Deonific banished it to the Scone-Brain barrier. Good, because what it could do was summon things. Sneeziayl once used it in the Nasian-Âltograd war, and even though Nasi had already suffered massive blows to it's city and military, the moment Sneeziayl joined one battle, Âltograd surrendered after seeing what the undead were capable of. As you can see, any entity that knows magic well enough to use the particular teratuais in question (it's the only one left, all the others fell through the Scone-Brain Barrier and went on into the goodness-knows-what darkness below it.) can summon up terrifying things. Deonific once summoned up a platoon of extinct half man half camels. Bsivb spent weeks trying to get that problem solved. After that background info is covered, here's the short story: 

Uejdfjcbjgf is a djinn. Djinn cannot be destroyed, only made or disenchanted. Three weeks after the teratuais was banished, Uejdfjcbjgf sought after it. Being a skilled enough djinn, he found it in a day and brought it back. Uejdfjcbjgf fashioned a staff out of Erdag wood and stuck the teratuais on it. The teratuais was about the size of your fist, depending on who and what you are, so it fit snugly in the staff. Uejdfjcbjgf went out the next day and summoned up a swarm of extinct helephants. Helephants are elephants but twice as large, sentient and used to be used in battle, until they all went extinct of a mutation that had them vitamin-π deficient. He ordered the helephants to storm the city of Hiraµa. Uejdfjcbjgf was quickly stopped by Ifbichydj. Ifbichydj killed the helephants and decided to spare Uejdfjcbjgf because he was so talented. Deonific stopped by and banished the teratuais, and all was well. For about 5 years. Eventually, the teratuais was found again, but this time by a skilled necromancer name N'divo. N'divo was a nice man, but he was asked by the King of Sand and Cookies to invade a land for teratuais. N'divo agreed. The King let him borrow the teratuais, and N'divo would get to keep it if he won the battle. He did. N'divo attacked many places shortly thereafter, but someone named Hingedoor with a flamethrower killed him. N'divo reincarnated as a game developer. 

Now, after the N'divo-Hiraµa situation, the djinn all wanted to destroy it. Problem was, this teratuais was so powerful no one could figure out how to destroy it, even Sneeziayl. The djinn puzzled over it for a while some undead pharaoh found it and started using it. The undead pharaoh, who was called Ammon, and he was really quite secretive and hard to track down. As a result, he spent several years building up his army using the teratuais. Despite all this, Ammon was lonely. There was no doubt about it, so he decided to raise some very special people from the dead. He raised his old school buddy, Osiris, (no relation to the god) and together they built a great desert fortress. More years went by, and the Chessian Army had nothing to do. The djinn were bored out of their mind, and The Feral Timekeeper was bored for the first time in 61,213,773, years. They had a large meeting at boisterous hotel, and they decided to comb the continent of Errewqai to find an opponent to face. Errewqai was a gigantic continent full of desert and shrubs. It was one of the most inhospitable places on the planet, but it was also a favorite meeting spot for terrorists, monsters, guerrilla armies, normal armies, and just about every combat group you could possibly think of. As you may have guessed, it was where the desert fortress was. Ammon woke up on a fine Tuesday morning at six o'clock. "Hey, Osiris? You awake yet?" Osiris mumbled something incomprehensible and continued to sleep. Ammon got up, decided that today he would summon some more Hamels (half-man-half-camel) and maybe a couple of helephants. As he continued to go about his daily fortress inspections, he started to realize that part of the outer wall was crumbling. After patching it, he sent out a patrol of skeletons, like he always did in the mornings. Three hours later, the Chessian Army arrived, followed by the skeleton patrol, running at top speed towards the fortress walls. Ammon sealed the outer barrier, and grabbed his staff containing the teratuais. As the Chessian Army hurtled themselves upon the fortress walls, the djinn scanned the area for weak points. They found one. Had it not been for that weak point, Ammon would've been able to totally decimate the attacking armies. As the outer wall was breached, Ammon retreated to his inner sanctum room, he stuck the teratuais on a pedestal, put about a hundred different curses on it, and sealed up the room. He then ran out to fight for the integrity of the desert fortress. As the desert fortress was overwhelmed, Ammon flew away into the sky and gave orders for his remaining army to defend. The djinn and the Chessian Army had had enough fun. The Feral Timekeeper stuck around for a few more minutes, then teleported away to join his comrades. Ammon descended at 8:01 PM. Looking over the ruins of the fortress, he decided to stick around and pop up whenever something came close to his fortress. In fact, if you go over the Errewqai, look for the sandstone blocks, you will find yourself facing a very angry pharaoh and his undead army. So don't go over to Errewqai. 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Goat House II

Oikrkijdkd diijfnd ieurm jiur ierdu nadueofngw. Wes eie id orhenq qqowp dokiki oodjfie kdw ocnghh hgop? Loosely translated, that means, "Today I exploded the Earth. Did I do the right thing? You tell me. Mpghlfpr means language, or speak.
So to say what someone just said sucks, you could say, "Ouyriut mpghlfpr hgop ncek . " Having got that comprehensive tutorial on how to speak Donnsese, I shall tell you a story. This story takes place back in the years of the goat house, a long, long time ago. Prepare your brain, and make sure no one in your earshot is allergic to words. Here it is:

            A rat clan was running deep underground. They had just been alerted to the threat of the goat house, and they were in the process of evacuation to their nearest stronghold.  Then, a scream and the stumbling of rat footsteps could be heard. The leader of the Watchguard Squad surged forward, pushing through the crowd. He could see the stubby end of a cig arette protruding from a crack in the tunnel wall. "Nicotine. Deadly poison,"He muttered. "Instant paralysis," another rat agreed. The evacuation continued.

             Far above the rats, on top of a large mountain, sat a small hut. Inside the hut, there lived Sneeziayl. Sneeziayl woke with a start, all sweaty and disgusting. "Iduuridht," He cursed under his breath. (If you knew what that mean't, you probably have fainted already.) After a quick shower (he was feeling grimy), he realized that he could feel the goat house getting closer. The tension was in the air, thick like a bad smell. After breakfast, Sneeziayl felt the ground rumbling. It started off gradually, like the light pitter-patter of rain in the morning, then transitioned to the slightly uneven movement of a bus and then soon transition into the earth-shaking rumbling that knocked his bookcase down. Interestingly, when he visited the town (Âltograd) for some eggs and milk, no one in the town noticed the earthquake caused by the oncoming goat house. Then, around 2:37 in the afternoon, the goat house came. At first Sneeziayl could see a vague silhouette of something large in the distance. As the goat house approached, Sneeziayl could see that is was enormous and had stubby, wooden blocks underneath it that moved in a similar fashion to feet, and that it had long tentacles of wood sticking out of various shutters and doors. "Naedougnuf wes," Sneeziayl said.

Deep under the pavement of Âltograd, a clan of rats assembled in a small cavern. In front of them, a large (by rat standards, around half a meter) oak door loomed before the group of 30 or so rat soldiers. The rest of the rat clan had already gone through the colony door and bolted it. The rat soldier squad waited, muscles tensed, weapons at the ready. Then, they heard booming footsteps above them, and the tunnel roof shook with the force of the goat house attacking the town above them. Âltograd literally means Tall Town when translated from Spanish and Croatian. Âltograd was a tall town, it was on the Masked Mountain highlands. Therefore, it's soils were rich in naturally occurring seaborgium, encouraging plant growth and making Âltograd one of the most prosperous towns on the highlands. As the goat house ruined house after house, the squad outside the stronghold got more and more nervous until three of the rats ran through the stronghold door, breathing sighs of relief. The rest stayed until a scout rat came back with the news.
"Kodpiurnt?" said the scout. "Naedougnuf wes," the leader of the squad replied. One of the soldiers fainted. As they were speaking, a large group of tiny house-like creations storm the tunnel. The lead rat yelled something incomprehensible in Donnsese and charged, sword at the ready. Attacking hardly seemed significant, now that the whole clan was under danger, thought the lead rat. Why we even do this, sacrificing our li- The lead rat died. 

              The house that killed him, claws freshly bloodied, advanced steadily towards another rat, which also died. Slowly, one by one, the rats fell. 

              Inside the stronghold, rats waited, Soldiers and normals rats alike. Then, as the screams from the outside battle subsided into the occasional thud, the rats peeked out. A squad of soldiers neutralized the remaining ten houses while the rest picked about the remains of the dead rats, salvaging material and the rats themselves for food, leaving only the skull behind for burial purposes. Then, Sneeziayl, in the rat form, came racing down the tunnel, sealing it up with magic as he went. "Órk! The house knows the stronghold location!" he screamed, gesturing towards Órk, the leader of the squad. Órk acknowledged this, and said something in Donnsese to the rest of the squad. They broke up into three different groups, and they scattered into the stronghold. Sneeziayl then disappeared with a shower of purple sparks, apparently going back to battle again. The rats retreated into the stronghold. Several kilometers above the stronghold, Sneeziayl single-handedly took on the Goat House, thirty-five explosive doghouses, and a hundred miniature houses. He didn't die. 

In fact, I think he's still there, holding off that immortal Goat House. Hopefully not.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Inter-Net Explorer

Here's a short story I wrote based on the iHole by Julian Gough.

Over the past weeks, Reid Stenger's house was stacked with work. Preparing for the international technology convention meant sleepless nights of coding and revising. But, today, the day had come. Driving up to the compo entrance, Reid felt a feeling a grim decision coupled with sheer joy of his finished project.

Presentation time. Technicians. Cables all over the area. "Number 42/42, Mr. Reid Stenger."  Reid walked up to podium, hands shaking like autumn leaves in the wind. "Mr. Reid? You may begin."

"In the past several months, we have been experiencing severe tech issues like server takedowns by hackers, database memory loss, and extreme internet crashes. As a heavy user of the internet, I strove to fix this."


Then the realization of what kind of problem they where dealing with. One on a global scale.

And it could be fixed.

The crowd applauded, knowing that the great issue could finally be solved.

"Introducing the newest, cutting-edge program, Virtual Hunt.  Virtual Hunt, once signed into, provides private, secure, and fast internet access. Information is stored only for a time period of 24 hours, making what you browse virtually invisible."

The crowd gave a standing ovation for this new, critically important, life-saving program. Coupled with the pun cleverly inserted into the sentence.

As Reid continued to introduce his program to the world, his allotted 30 minutes of presentation time flew by.   As the final words were said, the last few slides were shown,  and the questions were answered, it was showcasing period. Many flocked to Reid's booth, frantically applying for a Virtual Hunt account. A few days later, the Virtual Hunt website was put up. It crashed exactly 167 times in the first five minutes, causing mass havoc across the world, where billions tried to sign up at the same time. By the end of the next week or so, almost everyone that had access to the web had  Virtual Hunt.

Of course, there were the few stragglers in every city or so, but a poll that went out found out that 97% of all internet users had Virtual Hunt. As the years progressed and the world embraced Virtual Hunt, at the same time, growing unrest about Virtual Hunt began. People say that Virtual Hunt, unlike what the developers said, did not store data for 24 hours, but stored it permanently. The forum made for it was promptly deleted, and the man, a stout New Zealander, was arrested.

"This is a blatant infringement of basic human laws!" he had said upon being taken away.

While this did certainly arouse some curiosity, it died down when Reid himself attended a CNN live interview and claimed that it was made up to frame him. The public ate it up the way a child would eat a grape that has fallen on the ground.

Then, in July, a second version was released for $ 9.99. The company made 67 million dollars in the first three weeks of release. All was well for a bit.

Then came the third version.

Much more sleek and improved, the third version refined the interface so you could link up with any computer.

"By popular demand, the US government has decided to make the wildly popular internet program Virtual Hunt mandatory for all 51 states. Any state that refuses to accept will be rejected from the US community," said a certain CNN news anchor.

The majority of the world of course, decided to follow suit. Except for China, North Korea, and handful of African and European countries, the world was now Virtually Hunted.

Then, it happened.

It wasn't a small change at start, just a simple disagreement on a school cafeteria. Then one of the teenagers, who also happened to be a human rights activist on certain weekends, made a court appointment, suing the entire Virtual Hunt company. After a tiring court session in which Reid had won, the boy went home. Writing out a long and weary comment on a subreddit detailing his account of the court case.

"To conclude, I would like to say that the world has become what seems like a bottomless pit of no escape, Orwellian governments and societies watch over us like rats in a lab, and in a way, we are. They feed and take care of us, claiming that they are doing good. They inject us with rotten information that we eat up and swallow as if our life depended on it, and only us, the crazy ones, we, we are the change the world needs. So, join me, in my- no, no, no, our quest to better future, where each and every one of us actually, for once, have hope."

That comment received around about a hundred thousand likes and upvotes. Rallies were staged, protests, passive aggressive yet so inspiring all around the world. He had sparked the fuel required to make a chain reaction that would forever change the world.

Protests started getting larger and larger, and the SWAT teams could barely hold them back. Then one night, led a group of masked people in their 30's, smashed through Hunt Industries and hacked the hard drives, stealing millions of bytes of data. Two barely made it, being clipped by three Taser shots, they were dragged by their friends to a van in wait.

Anonymous analyzed the data. They hacked ten news sites running at the same time about the protest and presented their results to the public.

Reid was called in for court.

Reid was released.

No evidence had been found, for  Anonymous members had already pre-installed several copies of Virtual Hunt, allowing the data to be wiped away.

The group of men that broke in that fateful night went missing. All around the world, activist societies died unexpectedly. The number of missing people rose sharply.

Despite all the efforts that were made, the protesters were hunted one by one but steadily, down. Anonymous only had time to draft a document detailing how Virtual Hunt took over and their efforts to stop it before a SWAT team broke in.

The media experienced a total blackout. For weeks, Reid was nowhere to be seen. Neither were the activists.
An explosion of theories burst out on the web like a piñata's death.

Another video conspiracy was released, making it the second most viewed channel that year, the first being Hunt Industries channel.

Bit by bit, the virtual world began to collapse. Websites crashed without the constant maintenance. More and more happened until people started to resort to the old way of internet browsing.

The next day, Reid announced a major update on Virtual Hunt. The world was buzzing with activity.

The following day, a source code edit sent out as a massive emergency security patch took over the internet for an hour. Then, the news sites came back online. Saying sorry for the inconvenience, the news websites posted something new: Virtual Hunt was not modifying the web, it was taking over.

Reid Stenger sat in his suit, smoothing out creases and writing out his daily one hundred "I'm sorry"'s in his notebook. He sighed, and for once looked nothing like the young man the world had seen on the news.

"I'm sorry."

He looked again at the compilation of horrible events that the Virtual Hunt system had caused.

All of this, spiraling out of control. He had meant it to be a useful tool available for all, but when his crippling depression set in and he started drinking more often, instead of the usual  $ 0.99 for the program, he was forced to raise the price by his employer. Although the massive paychecks he received were more than enough to comfortably lavish him for the rest of his life, he had begun to take out his anger and regret on the public.

In his fit, he had ordered Virtual Hunt to become the next internet. The presidents agreed, nodding to each other like this was the best thing since sliced bread. Reid smoothed out his suit again, practiced his cheerful look, and then went out for the press conference.

The web surged on despite the almost daily secret updates Reid was making.

In December, a girl sat, happily browsing her favorite blog. Then, the screen went black, an error message appeared.

Error Code: Y'rros 2

The same thing happened to every single computer using Virtual Hunt in the world. In China, the Sunway TaihuLight shorted out. Computers in the NSA fizzled and died. A college student's computer, which was in the process of turning in his assignment went black. Computers powered off all around the world.

Turning them back on was easy. Getting to the web was not. The internet would not work. The same girl, thinking ahead, reverted back to her old browser, Google Chrome. Continuing to browse, she sat there, oblivious to the chaos all around the world.

Millions began reverting back to their older browsers. Internet Explorer. Baidu. Naver. Google Chrome. Yahoo, Safari, Firefox. All but Virtual Hunt. A meme was released, stating that "Internet was always better." became viral all across the virtual network. Within a few days, the cyber world came back to itself.

Three weeks later…

Reid sat in a corner of his office, listening to the news of the cyber attacks being launched at the US, and the actual attacks being launched at databases in Europe. Martial law being put into action in Mexico. His mind was set on one goal. He remembered his first day at the convention. Hands shaking like Autumn leaves… He rose slowly, closed his computer, and poured sugar on his coffee. I hope that was sugar. If it wasn't, it'll be a nice way to end. Drinking the coffee down to the last dregs, Reid took his notebook, wrote a certain combination of letters and numbers, and curled up in the corner.

Waiting for the cleaners to find him.

Polygons and Polyhedrons

So. Polygons and Polyhedrons. Interesting objects they are; I have a whole box of them back at home.
I went out hunting them today, and I found a bunch of nice looking ones. I found a decahedron that glowed green, a few yellow squares that I ate for lunch, and teetering on the edge of the maps, I saw a purple Pentadecagon and a red Tetrahedron, the Pentadecagon nicely balanced on top of the Tetrahedron.I had a snack from the "Penta" part of the Pentadecagon. After that, I sat down and ate some more of the when I saw a flock of Octahedrons flying through the air and shot down five of them. You see, some shapes are edible, yet some aren't. Octahedrons aren't. Upon returning home, I found that four of the five Octahedrons had escaped. I kept the last one inside a large, transparent cube, and it was nice and happy, but it did cause me some headaches by changing color all the time. I decided to set it free, so I let it drop over the edge of the map. I then found ten trillion more icosiodecahedrons, which I made into a stew for dinner. I'm full.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

It Begins

I made a new hardcore world, and I had the luck (maybe not) of spawning inside a forest. Further exploration revealed a large extreme hills area and about a chunk of swampland. It wasn't the best world, and the swamp was hilly, so I deleted it. On my second try, I spawned in a savanna. 

Things where looking up, as savannas are great for building and farming. I looked left, then this happened:

A desert temple! This meant good stuff. If I could get to that temple, it means a temporary shelter, loot, and overall a good start! But I didn't keep track of the time, so in panic, I dug the three-block-underground emergency shelter. Making a furnace and smelting charcoal kept the light level okay until I made some torches to accompany me. The majority of the time was spent smelting and cooking stuff. All went well until I died. I made my house, a tower design with three floors and was getting ready to collect wood. I cut away the bottom block from me, and no fall damage ensued as I was only 2 block away. Unfortunately, there was a skeleton there. After slaying it, I was recovering and went out again. Once again, I found a skeleton in full gold armor that promptly slayed me. Here's the seed of the world, I'm off to start a new hardcore world, because I won't give up. Seed: 3690999670376396222.
Also, because of the new option to spectate after you die, you can use the open to LAN trick and go back to survival, essentially respawning. But in accordance with hardcore mode, I won't and I'll delete the world. The loot of the temple is actually very valuable. I contains a golden apple, Silk touch and Flame I, with some iron horse armor and a saddle. Nice!

Friday, 11 November 2016

Ravines...Ravines Everywhere!

The ravine next to my house was a great source for iron, gold, and coal. Guess what? Another ravine generated in one of the caves systems connected to the big-ass ravine by my house. Also, the really big ravine housed so many cave systems I forgot where I was for a moment. Other than iron and coal, other resources seem to be oddly scarce. Only 12 blocks of gold, half a stack of lapis lazuli, 22 redstone, and a stack and a half about of iron and coal were found so far. I've explored plenty of the ravine cave system, which I've decided to dub The Forgotten Mines due to it's lack of resources. On the bright side though, I did find a zombie dungeon and two copies of C418's "13".


The dungeon I found was exposed, which was a nice bonus.

Also found in the dungeon was this loot:

Recently, I spawned a new world and I was spawned right next to a ravine with some okay loot in it. Here's the seed: 4413147849751292463.
It works for 1.10.2. It's nice and pretty cool, and it has some okay hills to build on. Despite the really weird spawn (in the middle of a shallow lake), it has a nice roofed forest and does quite live up to it's name I've given it: Terrestrial. Okay, making new worlds is fun. The next world I made was named Wow!, and it certainly has lived up to its reputation. You spawn next to this bad boy, which apparently told physics to boil it's head.

Not only that, but you have three villages in close vicinity of each other, one desert temple, and this floating tree. Well, I'll leave you to decide the world. I forgot to take screenshots and I already deleted the world, so I guess I'll come back to it later. 

So Much for That

Turns out there's no easy way of converting survival worlds into hardcore unless I like mucking around with mods. Which I don't. 

The Goat House

The Goat House was found in the year -7. The Goat House was found by an expedition led by Megan Sol to the island of Chintushig. 3 in the expedition died upon seeing the Goat House and the rest were turned into goats, but not before they made it back to the mainland. A shepherd found 4 goats sitting in a small grassy clearing in a forest with several backpacks and pieces of clothing on the ground, sitting next to a large map. Since then, the House has undergone many changes. It now can fly, carries provisions and up to 50 goats. It goes around terrorizing plants and pieces of brick wall. Then, in the year -6, the Goat House signed a contract with a governor speaking on behalf of the whole universe. The contract stated that the House would stop terrorizing things, otherwise they would attack the House. Now, the Goat House is invincible, so it didn't care much. It then proceeded to cause World War Z and the next mass extinction. Then the Goat House slept. It still hasn't awakened. I hope.

Daily Nonsense (Beehive)

I've decided to integrate something I've been doing for a month or two now: daily nonsense. Every day (more like every one or two weeks, so it's not daily), I'll be posting a short snippet of short-story like text that's nonsensical and hopefully, entertaining. Here's today's:

There once was a beehive that was twice the size of the sun and had three times the amount of people on earth. The beehive had 21 billion residents, all human. No bees. (Actually, this should be a Humanhive) Well, they made money. Which they sold for honey. Which they ate. But then one day someone named Mphs was like "Idiots" and he killed all of them. That was easy. But then again, you can't massacre 21 billion idiots then get away with it. But he did. 3 years later, Mphs died of old age. He was 19 at that time. But anyways, the beehive was gone. So was Mphs. Eventually, Mphs re-emerged from his private potty, and then he exploded himself and eventually died again. The beehive was still there. One of Mphs' descendants (Mphsi) found out what Mphs had done and decided to continue his great great great grandfather's work. Mphsi used the Ol' MacGyver Way™ to blast the beehive into oblivion. Using 3 tubes of toothpaste, a rice kernel, some parts from an ancient cell phone (iPhone 2) and some dental floss, he fashioned an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The beehive is still there, decrepit, dusty and in orbit.

Until Next Time,
-Gary Leafbelt Spade

Hardy Hard Hardcore

Image result for harcore mode hearts
This spells D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R!

Excuse me for the lame title. I've decided to make (or at least try to convert) my seed worlds to hardcore ones, because I feel like I need a challenge. I'll preserve the seed, of course. And I'll make sure to play the worlds in the latest versions so I still have the option to spectate after I die. That is, if I die. But I shouldn't get too pretentious, because hardcore is named hardcore for a reason. Hopefully there's a way to get the seed worlds to be hardcore. Also, I've found another great seed that works for 1.8.8 and 1.10.2. I'm not sure if it works for any in between, but the biggest difference I've found so far is some different animals and a few missing trees. Without further ado, here's the seed and some screencaps of the spawn.

Seed: 778989943 (works best in 1.8.8, but I think that 1.10.2 works as well. No guarantees!)

You spawn inside a nice flower forest, and over the other side are some tall hills and a taiga surrounding it. The flower forest is the biggest I've seen, ever, so thats a first. Also, there are about 3+ ravines, one big-ass hollow, and some other sweet stuff as well. I also switched into creative for some nicer screenshots. I did nothing else but take screenshots.

A really cool hollow thing. At the point where it actually starts going into a cave system, It's already deep enough for lapis lazuli.

This is only part of the flower forest.
This is where you spawn first. An optimal building site.

Here's a more scenic and awesome view of the giant hollow.

There's also three dungeons lumped together in a tight triangle, and they look nice as well. I had to go into spectate mode for this, though, so might not be the most pretty picture.

Also, sorry for the general quality of the screenshots. Next time, screenshots will be full screened and awesome.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Seed Worlds I and II

Recently, I transfered Seed World I to 1.8.8 because that's a really nice version and I kinda wanted to not have the weapon cool down of 1.9 and 1.10. But when I first spawned in, I realized what happened last time I played this world. May as well fill you in. I went looking for a cave, and found one with a couple veins of iron and some more coal. I was sprinting back because it was turning dark and I didn't want to deal with the monsters, when a pool of lava appeared out of friggin' nowhere and I fell into it and died. Even though I barely got any iron, it still was pretty frustrating but that soon wore off. Today I got the gist of it again and punched trees till I got about 30 blocks of spruce wood. I'm off to mine again, maybe to return to the cave I went to last time I died. This time, I'll block off that lava. Updates on the main survival world: I was filling in my map, and found some pretty sweet stuff. Nearby my desert house, in a birch forest, pools of really nice and even water formed.

Where in the world did you last see this??!
Also, it seems like someone is running around making infinite water sources:
I then came to this awesome jungle with a jungle temple in it. Guess what was the loot? Bones, gold, iron and some rotten flesh. Yep. But as I walked out of the jungle, I found a taiga! Using the bones from the temple, I tamed tons of wolves.
The coordinates of the jungle temple
The Congo Line
After finally finding my way home, I built a weird-ish looking pen for all of them. Since I don't have enough name tags for all 17 (or possibly 18) wolves, I'm just going to give them different collar colors (haha) and call it a day. From now on, my seed worlds will be in either 1.8.8 or the latest version because they're all interchangeable. I'll also be alternating between this wolf infested world and the seed world(s) for now. In the meantime, I'm going, to collect some ores in Seed World I: Horse Tamer?

Until next time,
-Gary Leafbelt Spade

Saturday, 5 November 2016

World Maker 2.0

In other news, here's some more of world maker 2.0. I've added a lot of (hopefully) interesting stuff to it since I last pasted it here, so without further ado, I present you World Maker 2.0!

(This is directly continuing from the last post)

It also has a small storage, which contains a small pile of packages and boxes. In the storage however, there's a ladder leading up to a tiny room with 3 windows, a lamp on the floor with a power socket, a couple of notebooks on the floor, and a door. The windows look out to the grasslands around the building while the door leads to the roof.  The roof has a tiny greenhouse, maybe 3 meters width and 6-7 meters length. Around 2 meters tall, maybe higher. Nothing's planted, but flowerpots and seed packets litter the floor while a lamp and ceiling light shower me in light. I walk back out. On the sides of the roof, expensive and technological-looking solar panels cover the edges. So that's how the house generates energy. Wouldn't be too surprised if the place has call reception. Interestingly, On my way out, I find a small computer, maybe 30 centimeters across the screen, a mouse, charger, and a mousepad under the notebooks. After some deliberation, I decide to bring the notebooks with me as well. That's the whole house. The kitchen is stocked full of food, liquids, and tools. There;s even a strange looking gun in there! But what's most interesting is the all the books on the bookshelves, including the one in my room. Wait, “My” room? The thought makes me nervous for some unknown reason. The books are all strange ones, and although the titles are faded, I can still make out some of them. OT...ONS..... and GRI...RE..... are some of them. Interesting. I flip through some of them, but around  third of the books are written in some foreign language. The rest however, are in English. One book seems to detail the flora and fauna of this world I've gotten myself in: A 6-legged red crab, but with no eyes, mouth, and other features. A kind of carnivorous forest. Another book explains the advanced process of maglenification among other ones which I have no clue on. I continue to flip through the piles of books I've created at my feet for quite some time. But as the sun rises, and I yawn, I realize 2 things:

  1. I've been awake the whole night.
  2. What do I do?

I have ample supplies for a bit, I suppose, but what do I do after that? I haven't seen any animals either. I go outside. In the dim light of the sunrise, the surreal building is quite beautiful; it's pale, peach-colored bricks and the soft transitions of the building render it a sight to behold. The 14 windows seem to glint and shimmer. Then, I see something: further behind the house, there's a small bush, the only one I can see in the grassland area. Running towards the plant, I see it has small, purplish berries that look somewhat like a cross between a blueberry and a plum. Despite my growing suspicions about toxicity and things like that, I pick a couple of berries and break them open. The insides are grey, like a blueberry and they contain small seeds the size of a grape seed. The actual berry itself is the size of a grape, and perfectly spherical. Stuffing about 20 of them in my jacket and pant pockets, I head to the building. I go up to the greenhouse, where I plant about 15 of them. Well, at least I try to plant them using what limited botany knowledge I have. I keep 5 in the kitchen. For lunch, I settle down on some toast and crab sticks washed down by coffee, water and a apple. The house must be owned by someone, but something tells me that, somehow, unbelievably, that I own the house. Preposterous. But that's enough to make me stay, for a while, at least. After lunch, I check on the berries to water them and I head for the 2nd level storage room, where I poke around for a while. In a parcel, I find a canvas painting of a small, mottled green-blue comical dragon sitting on a pile of books that have labels and titles like grimoire, potion making, and advanced grimoire. All sorts things surround him, all of those appearing to belong to a witch or wizard of some kind. Cool, but strange. I hang it up in the kitchen. I also find a clock in the parcel. Judging by that, it's about noon, which seems to be about right as the sun is right above me. Going up to look at the greenhouse and inspect the panels and computer, I take up a couple of books in English on the flora and fauna of this world, along with some water. I find the computer. It seems to have no logo of any kind, just a black covering and a black keyboard with white letters and numbers. The power button sits along the sides with all of the ports. Curious, I probe the sides and bottom with the charging wire, trying to find the charging port. Then, as if by magic, the charging end of the wire attaches to the hinge area. The computer's power button flashes. It's charging. Intrigued, I boot up the computer. I open up what appears to be the web browser, and the wifi signal stays at zero. Okay. Now, I go into the downloaded documents and files. Nothing. After even closer inspection, It appears the laptop is quite empty. Apart from a few programs and a cache of locked files, it's empty. Closing down the laptop, I turn my attention to the books I brought up here: One titled "Flora-A comprehensive guide" and another titled "Fauna-A comprehensive guide." Both by the same author, Jack T. König. Flipping through the plant book, I stop at the edible plants section. Looking for the berry, I find no match. However, in the plants to avoid section, I find it:

The Karsonberry, or the Moth Berry, is a berry possessing extremely potent tranquilizing abilities: just half a gram can send the taker plummeting to the ground. Although commonly mistaken for the...... Yeah, whatever. Now I know that the berry is inedible, unless I want a coma.  Just as I'm about to dig out the seeds and throw them away, I hesitate. If there were animals in this world, I would have to hunt them, right? I could use them to incapacitate them. No unnecessary blood and guts. I throw away half of the seeds. Won't need that many.

Now, judging  from the computer's clock, it's about 1:45 PM. I go back inside to get some more books, when I remember the note books. There are 3 of them. 1 is blank, but 2 more a filled to the brim. 1 is full of mechanical contraptions written in the strange tongue, including cone-shaped paraphernalia to primitive catapults. The second one seems to be a personal diary, written in English. I read an entry:

March 42nd, 0042, 3:15 PM
The house systems are acting up. The panels are slowly losing efficiency, but I have no idea as to why. The shielding has broken down, and the camouflage has disappeared altogether. The animal repellent, however, is acting quite well; no birds have attacked for a while. I have seen few stragglers though, most of them near the pond. Took care of them.
Meanwhile, up north, the hilly area is being slowly populated by small tornadoes. I may have to bunker down for a while. The animal repellent should last for quite a while, maybe 2-3 months. Probably 3. I'll brew a new batch on May 51st. The stragglers seem to be growing in numbers, the last 2 I got rid of had functional desert rifles.

I stop reading. Is there a desert nearby? Despite the feeling that my idea is completely ridiculous, why would one have a desert rifle when there is no desert?  And if so, what would it contain? Surely not just sand. After some pondering, I decide to familiarize myself with the various creatures of this world. While at it, I might as well see if I can find anything about drifters. After some exploration of the fauna book, I have memorized 10 random animals of this strange place, and although having dug up nothing about drifters, I decide that it's enough for today. The sun has started to set, so I gather all the things I took up today and head down. For dinner, I decide on some random fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. A couple are sweet-tasting, while most are tart and sour-sweet. After even more rooting around in the bookcases, I discover a treasure: a survival guide! The survival guide does routing things like how to purify water and such, but has other additions to it, like the fact that I should never stay in a house or shelter that's affected or can be affected by "skyfalls." I also shouldn't use a cloud grenade anywhere near drifter vessels. Great! If only I knew what they mean. Anyways, The sun is starting to set, and after reading about the animal repellent duration and the grassland threats, I'm nervous. But no sooner than I've laid down on the bed, I begin to ponder other things. First and foremost, I think of what happened. That thought is prevalent wherever I go, and I recognize it as one of utmost importance. Getting up and grabbing the computer, I find a document maker in the folder. Creating a new document, I quickly list a few theories about what happened.

One: Some weird catastrophe has rendered the world empty of humans, save for me.

Two: I am hallucinating, or dreaming, or in a coma.

As I continue adding side notes and brainstorming, the thought crosses my mind to check the karsonberry plants.
Surprisingly, it's sprouted! Unbelievable! I check the plant again and again to see if berries or beginnings of berries have sprouted, but to no avail. The karsonberry looks a bit like a blade of grass, but with a few small, circular looking white flowers the extend off of the top.
I water the plants a bit, leaving them to do their thing. As I enter the bedroom, I remember the term "skyfalls." What if, somehow, skyfalls are related to whatever has happened here?

I quickly get the survival manual and look at its table of contents. Finding nothing useful there, I skim through the manual.  Eventually, I learn something that actually might be useful, how to travel safely and for long distances. See, I really want to leave the house (Not forever, of course) but just long enough so that I can see what happened and gain some more knowledge. So, by following the instructions, I can hopefully find out what the hell happened. Just as I'm about to get something to eat, a memory flashes by,

I can see myself standing outside the surreal house. Then, I head off for the pond. five minutes later, I reach the pond, and I proceed to collect water using a strange backpack contraption. Then, having apparently finished collecting water or whatever's in the pond, I head over to the valley where I woke up.
"Hello?" my past self says to the valley that now has some overgrown train tracks that look like normal train tracks from afar, but are actually technological looking strips of metal, about a centimeter away from each other. I can now see a tunnel, and inside the tunnel, there are the remains of a large train.
"Hello!?" my past self shouts again to the tunnel. Then, emerging from the shadows, a large, tall man-like shape rises. Fear begins to take root, but my past self stands, unwavering. There's something about that figure that doesn't  seem. Human… 

Then the memory fades, leaving me with an uneasy feeling and a question that feels like a freight train to the gut. But now, it's time to start thinking long-term. But where do I start? The survival guide. I grab a bottle of cactus juice from the fridge, then get the guide and nestle myself quite comfortably on the sofa. Seeing that it's night, I hesitate, then rummage around the stockpiled fridge to emerge with a couple of sandwiches. As I settle down and begin formulating a plan, My mind wanders and then comes back to my present situation, and how I'll tell the owner of this house  of my condition. And how to pay him or her back. The more I think about it, however, the more I think that once again, I'm the owner of this house. The flashback almost proves that I'm right, but after an hour or so of pondering and digesting information from the survival guide, I soon get dizzy. Finishing off the last bit of juice and sandwich, I yawn and close the survival guide and head up to the bedroom. As I insert myself between the blankets and rub my eyes, I think about what happened, but then the encircling darkness around my vision expands, and  weightlessness begins to dull my senses…

Voices, soft and loud, with sharp clarity and dizzying distortion wake me from my slumber. "Hello?!" I sit
up with a start; I had dreamed about people finding me, or the other way around. My feet felt like they had been crushed with a sledgehammer, and my breath smells like rotten eggs. Heading groggily to the bathroom, I heed nature's call and use the toilet. Number 1 and 2. Ughh. After brushing my teeth, taking a shower and changing into another pair of black, cottony pants and a T-shirt, I head over to the kitchen. Taking out a couple of eggs, some bacon and some butter, I  turn on the stove and crack the eggs into the pan, getting the butter and spatula ready. As I whistle random notes and cook my breakfast, a strong sense of déjà vu overcomes my senses. How many times have I performed this simple act of making my breakfast before? Did I even own this house before? And most importantly, what happe-

*gasp!* bonk.

Oww… That hurt. A lot. Oof! Lemme get up first… Ouch. My knees hurt more than my face. No, mace. Haha. Ooh, I'm delirious. The man in the building fainted. Poor him.

As I wake up, around 4:00 in the afternoon, I come to my senses. The smell of the eggs and bacon in the pan hits my nostrils full on. Oooh. Not the best wakeup call. Despite the growing smell of burnt stuff, I stagger to the sink and wash the pan. While warm water courses through the cracks in the burnt egg, I wash my face in the upstairs bathroom. After scrubbing off the pan, I grab another egg and some more bacon. This time, I don't faint and mess everything up. After eating, I promptly take the survival guide to the bedroom. Rooting around in the drawers, I find a pencil case containing some pencils, pens, papers, and a bunch of erasers. I read the guide and take avid notes on what interest me. Traveling, biomes, survivalist skills in general, they all are important to what interest me. By the end of my binge-studying session, I have half a notebook full of my plans. Time to commence action. I stuff a backpack full of things I'll need for my trip: Dried cactus pads, condensed bread so it's easier to carry. The survival guide, the notebook, the pencil case, an army knife, a water bottle, and other essentials. I begin working on a portable house-trailer, as the guide describes it. By night fall, I have finished approximately a third of it. Loading several items from the house into the trailer, I doze off on the sofa. In the morning, I finish off the ghetto-looking mini trailer with the last of some plastic material I found in the storage room. Shoving in some more last minute things, I decide to look up some books at the bookshelf. Looking at the oaken bookshelf, I take a thick book written in another, foreign language. Then I run up the staircase and grab the dairies that the mysterious owner of the house wrote.


"As Minecraft versions changed, seeds and spawns also changed. Old seeds disappeared or were altered, and new ones were created. Some made their indelible mark in player's imaginations -- like Glacier, the 404 challenge, Kitchen, and Gargamel.

And right from the start, you knew Gargamel would be something different."


Gargamel, from old beta version 1.3_01, spawns you in a pitch-black cave with one exit that requires some digging around:

 Then, you emerge to find this:
Damn, son.

Yeah. Switching to beta 1.3_01 was a pain, but Gargamel made it worth it. Tons and tons of coal, best spawn ever, and some of the most epic valleys ever. There are downsides to the version, though. Non-stackable food, I still haven't gotten a single steak yet I have 13 pieces of leather, and there is no hunger bar, so food is worthless. Of course, this is all in my opinion, but I'm sure you'll agree with me that the lighting is absolutely horrible. One torch lights up about 5 cubes, including the one it's standing on. Turn off smooth lighting and you'll understand. It took forever to light up the spawn cave even marginally. But, like I said before, Gargamel makes up for it. There are multiple really cool formations, and I'm currently working on a cabin up in the sky. One night, after returning from a surface dungeon, my cabin was lit up, but there where tons of animals there. My cabin is one this one almost floating island, and there were no cows or other animals there to begin with, so I was mystified.


Well, that sure cleared things up. Pigs, sheep, a few chickens, and even some cows were jamming up there in my cabin. Did they spawn, or are they attracted to light? Then when the sun god decided to shine thy face, they all ran away. Or disappeared. Hmmm. Interesting. Anyways, gargamel is a really cool seed, and even though all sorts of horrible stuff can happen because this is beta 1.3_01, it's nice to have a terrain thats old-school every once in a while. Gargamel is that terrain. 

Until Next Time
-Gary Leafbelt Spade