Sunday, 2 October 2016

Bored... Of Minecraft?

Well, Minecraft is getting kind of boring once again. I went through some of my bookmarks and rediscovered some old games like Cookie Clicker. I'll continue posting, but expect slightly less stuff about Minecraft. I guess that it just got kind of boring because I'm at the stage where so many boring things have to be done. I think I'll create new worlds, get to around the stage where I have stacks of iron but nothing else, then delete them and save the seeds for later use. Sounds fun, and normal Minecraft is getting kind of tedious. Here's the seed of my first Seed World: 2256864318524007857. And here's my spawn point screenshot:

After doing that, I proceeded to gather some wood and I looked around my surroundings. I found a nice cave system with some starter iron and coal.

A really cool extreme hills area,

And some horses.

After mining the iron and the coal, I headed over to the hills. I found some sheep and cows in the woods around the mountain, so I stopped to get some nourishment. Upon reaching the mountain, night was falling, so I didn't have time to scale the whole thing. Instead, I dug out a small shelter and settled in for the night. I cooked the various meats I collected; and decided to go get some grass seeds to get a farm started. Man, I just love new worlds. As dawn came, I went out to gather some seeds. Then I saw the pumpkins. I mean, pumpkins are, in my opinion, next to useless. But I still like them. They have a special appeal to them that just is so irresistible I always gather at least one pumpkin from each patch I encounter.
After gathering the pumpkins and some seeds, I headed back to my base. Dispatching a creeper, I mined out some coal and got ready for bed. Night falls. I decided to remove the waterfall and clear out a small area in my caver-house, to make a sort of garden/farm. I'm going to make do with stone tools for the next few Minecraft weeks to make a nice glass roof and improve my shelter. I'm going to get started on a perimeter wall to keep unwanted visitors out. 

Until next time
-Gary Leafbelt Spade