Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Resurgence is Real

I've mostly abandoned the blog for quite a bit, so I decided to return to it. An update on Minecraft: after having ground blaze rods in the nether, I scored myself some pretty sweet loot and 41 rods.

I love the new block, the Magma Block. I gathered a stack of them, hoping to surround my desert temple with them. It'll damage any mobs on it, plus it produces light. It's (in my opinion) more efficient than cacti, because the cacti can't be placed right next to each other and have to grow with water. I wound up getting lost in the nether and had to build a new portal back. On the way back, I did see two villages with no loot and one desert temple with some saddles, a golden apple, five emeralds, and some ingots. The seed is really quite a nice seed, with a desert temple, a village, an ocean monument, and a mushroom biome all relatively close to spawn. Although the mushroom biome is out at sea, it's quite close. 
My map, which I filled out a bit, I brought with me into the nether, but when I came back, the map glitched out and now doesn't work. I nevertheless, I shall forge on and craft a new map and continue on exploring. Until next time.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

A need for speed

Having abandoned the tri-village world to make a memorial world for someone, (Mr.Fig Menk) I began collecting wood and crafting just enough stuff and tools to make a memorial house and a graveyard, I got carried away and found some a nice cave system that yielded around two stacks of iron (maybe more, because it leads into a ravine I haven't explored yet. I went off exploring for more caves and animals, and I had no sooner dug up some iron did I strike a jackpot: deep inside a mountainous extreme hills biome, there lay 17+ diamonds and a ton of iron, gold and redstone (little lapis lazuli, however) and plenty of obsidian to cut away for nether portals and ender chests. I came back with a diamond pick, 43 blocks of redstone, a stack of lapis lazuli, 17 iron blocks, 30 obsidian and 14 more diamonds. As you can see, I haven't got a house, and yet I already have diamonds.

(Edit: At that time of writing, I had no house. Now, at the time of this edit, I do. Just a typo.)
Oh man, am I weird.