Friday, 29 July 2016

Back to normal

I recently acquired a new computer, meaning that I'll continue the posts more often, especially the Minecraft posts now that the framerate isn't so slow. Speaking of which, the two main worlds I'll blog about is one, a seeded world with 3 villages, 2 with excellent loot, and some pretty sweet scenery. The other world will be my most advanced world, with many advancements. The progress in that world is pretty far, as all I have to do is anvil-enchant my diamond armor and tools, then face the might ender dragon and the wither. 

If you want to know the seeded world's seed, here it is:


and heres the website with all the details:

Until next blog post.

-Gary Leafbelt Spade

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Search and Rescue

Since the Mineshaft/Minecraft launcher and game has been acting up lately, I went through the old computer where my saves folder is and saved it to a USB. So now I can have my world anywhere, anytime.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

I'm back with more

Ah. So. Where do I begin? I've dumped blogger in the darkest recess of my mind and memory, and Minecraft (more accurately, Mineshaft) is acting up again. I lost it wen switching accounts. Oh well. 

I will, however, be acquiring a laptop in the next week or so, so the tale of Farmer Gary and his faithful steed Thaddeus will continue. Of course, If I can't track down my saves folder, I'll start a new world, this time using real Minecraft. 

But back to this blog post's topic: Things!
I started a sort of mini-NaNoWrimo for myself: A little side project that involves writing a paragraph or two of stories whenever I can. I'm calling this grief, I'm terrible at this stuff...arghh...World Maker 2.0. I'll copy and paste new bits of WM 2.0 whenever a new bit comes out. for now, you will have to be content in this blog post, I'll write more of it. Promise. And I won't abandon this blog for weeks on end. Yeah.

Here's the copy and paste:

Green. The world is a plain, with rolling hills of wildflowers. Not good. I force myself up,  even though I’m exhausted. There are concepts, facts, among others. But no memories. Nada. Walking along the edge of a group of wildflowers, I realize I’m actually in a small valley. Climbing to the top is easy, and my exhaustion seems to have deserted me. To the right, a large pond shimmers in the morning sun, clumps of weeds around it. To the left, there’s nothing but plains and grasses. Straight behind me, a group of shrubs waver in the wind. Ahead, a small grove of trees beckon. I go.

I have walked through the trees, only aware of the sky. Now, the ground slowly transitions to grass. Not a plains-like tall grass, but a short, stout, and green one. I continue. I’m not tired, nor thirsty, or hungry.A slight breeze come from the forest, alerting me to my clothing. Short hair, black pants, soft and cottony. Green jacket, black T-shirt. Continuing on, I can see the faint outline of a large object. A house? No. Still too early to tell. I decide to take a break under one of the sparse trees littered around the grasslands I’m now in. I think about heading back to the forest behind,but dismiss the thought. The exhaustion now returns, leaving me to feel the full brunt of sleepiness. As I doze off, the tree seems to bend down and reach me.

I wake up in what you might call a nick of time: the sun has started to set. My goal now is to get to the shape in the distance before nightfall. I continue my journey. Just at nightfall, I reach the thing. It’s a small typical building you might live in, 3 floors. No slanted roof, but a simple, flat roof that houses a dome-like structure. However, the building seems to be melting into the ground; it flattens into smooth transitions around it. No roads or pavement of any kind around it, just a circular clearing of hard, packed, dirt. And the building.

Half of the door is covered, sunk into the ground. I push it open. The inside is a modest home: A table with chairs awaits me, a fridge and a counter with metal circles on top. I’m in the kitchen. As I continue exploring the house, I find there are only 2 floors, excluding the roof. After a full hour of exploration, I sum it up. The bottom floor has 3 main sections, the kitchen, the living room, (3 couches, a large bookcase filled with books, a broken TV, 2 lamps and 2 overhead lights make it feel quite cozy) and the bathroom. The kitchen is the largest, consisting of all the normal kitchen appliances and provisions with the odd addition of a bunch of small cauldrons on the floor and a large rack containing various jars and containers with strange labels like “Clouds” and “Animations.” I’m baffled. What the heck happened? The second floor houses a single, large bedroom; one desk, a small bookcase, a medium-sized wardrobe and a bathroom.

Well, I'll see you on the next blog post, hopefully sometime around today.

-Gary Leafbelt Spade, aka "Heto"

Sorry about that really long algorithim thingy that ADarkRoom has gratefully provided me with. I'm going to keep it though, but I'll try not to paste anything long and boring in there.