Saturday, 30 April 2016

Things are Stable and going Smoothly

Welcome back!
Today's topic is Minecraft. And, before we get started, I just want to thank anybody who's posted a Minecraft seed or told someone one. 
Indeed, it's a seed.
And now back to our regularly scheduled program. Today I've started a new Minecraft world and I've gotten pretty good at it. I used a good village seed and things are really going quite well. I plan to build a jungle tree-house (saplings courtesy of the Jungle Next door) right next to the village when I'm ready, as well a a stable for my donkey, Darwin and hopefully a horse as well.
My makeshift temporary stable.
If your wondering, there's a partially buried Desert Temple in the Desert Next door to my village. In there, there is lots of loot to be found, such as: 
Iron Horse armor
2 saddles
Projectile Protection IV enchanted book
Looting II enchanted book
Knockback II enchanted book
Lots of sand
Lots of bones
Lots of Gun powder
Lots of Rotten flesh
3 String
The string was used up to make the bow you see and one saddle is (obviously) devoted to Darwin.
The enchanted books are from left to right: Projectile Protection IV, Looting II, and Knockback II.

In addition to a crazy first few days, the very first night an Enderman came to my front door and he was holding a sand block. What a nice dude, giving me a gift to welcome us back to Minecraft (I haven't played for quite a while).

The sand block now hangs historically in my house. (This was a coincidence completely, no relation to paulsoaresjr's first 1.9 lets-play clip)
Before long, I got quite settled down and my next long excursion in Minecraft shall be devoted to mining and collecting wood. Also, my most hated activity in Minecraft is mining. Before, I received a great, albeit terribly boring tip from a Minecraft user: If you (all this is paraphrased) mine now and collect a whole bunch of resources, later on in the game you won't have to go down to the mines to collect resources.

It makes sense, so I did it, but oh my god it boring as heck. Day after day (a Minecraft day, of course) I labored away in the mines, searching for iron at first, and them building a small command center at an intersection for a cave, a cavern, and a large ravine. That was fun for a bit. Then came the godawful part: diamonds. I strip-mined away till the Farlands (exaggeration there) until I found 6 diamonds. Woo-hoo.
Then, armed with a fortune pickaxe, I finally found enough diamonds for a full set of armor and a sword. Yeesh. Keep in mind though, that was another world on another computer thats so slow at times it can't even handle 1.8.8 with Optifine installed.

Anyways, here's the  Desert Temple:

I Spy a Creeper's face. Can you spot it?

And right now, at the time of writing this Blog post, I remember that I never got the TNT. Hang on...
I'm back. I'm not going to get the TNT. Not now, at least. I was doing some exploring in the nearby extreme hills and this is what came up:

A perfect Minecraft Walden's Pond. Now, if only it froze over a bit...
And this came up as well:

Maybe we'll get lucky and find a witch hut. Then we'll capture the witch hut and turn it into an outpost. Mwuahahahahahahhahah!

Rain is really annoying. Like, really, extremely, very very very annoying. Like so:
Half the village has rain. The other half doesn't=Minecraft Physics in a nutshell.

Wait, what is this, witchcraft?

Change of plans: Next time I go on Minecraft for a long time,Instead of mining, I will collect wood and build a perimeter fence to keep the village secure from zombies; I don't want them to all die out. In addition, I can release my prisoner:

"Excuse me, sir, but why do you have a torch in your face?"

You see, the only reason I boxed him (or is it her?) up like this is because this librarian has a very special and important trade: Mending. 
Mending is in my opinion, an indispensable enchantment. How it works is that if, say, I enchant my sword with this and I kill a Zombie, all the experience I get from that Zombie goes to repair my Mending enchanted tool.
And all for 1 book and 16 emeralds. A satisfactory deal. And fortunately, I have plenty of Clerics available for trading rotten flesh for emeralds.

As it is, I still plan not to live in the Blacksmith's house but plant a giant jungle tree in the plot of land below and build a tree-house. (Inspired by CaptainSparklez's Jerry's tree.)

All nice, flat land.

Although I may change my mind and decide to live elsewhere, I'll most likely stick to my tree-house plan. The tree-house I have in mind is not elaborate at all: It would have 2-3 floors and an observation post. The first floor will be storage, smelting, enchanting, and brewing. The second floor would be the living quarters and the armory.The third floor (if I build one) will be dedicated to farming. Yes, a greenhouse on a tree. And the observation deck, well, you get. The observation deck will also serve as an Elytra launchpad when I get to that point.

For those of you who may not know it, here is CaptainSparklez's Jerry's Tree:
Tarzan's future house.

It started off as a single Jungle tree with a couple of platforms and a roof. Then, CaptainSparklez grew more giant jungle trees on top of the first one and named it Jerry's Tree, after a tiny slime he captured in a cave that despawned. The this was built by CaptainSparklez, I think. Check out his YouTube Channel, it's great.

Anyways, bye, and see you next Blog Post.

  -Gary Leafbelt Spade, aka "Heto"

One more thing

If you'll just bear with me for a moment...
Just one more thing before I really sign off today: Playing games is fun, but nothing is more fun (in my opinion) than a simple, beautiful game like and Minecraft.

For those who don't don't know, it's were you are a colored blob and you have to eat smaller blobs.
So, my message is: play games, but if you haven't already, try out these two.

Perfect for an interactive science class on cells and mitosis.

For Minecraft... I'm pretty sure we all know:
Wait, is that Herobrine?

So, see you next blog post.
                 -Gary Leafbelt Spade, aka "Heto"

First Post: Introduction and City building

Hopefully, this blog will work out fine.

And by fine I mean proficient or exemplary.
I don't have any ideas on what to write about, so I'm just going to write about random things, whatever I feel like writing about. The other day, I was thinking about a book, and what happened was I thought, "Why not do something like seen in the book?" (for those of you wondering what book it was, it was The Arrival, by Shaun tan.)
So I did. And of course, things came out kinda weird. I'd rather not talk about it. But, I'd like to talk about what 
It may be a picture book, but it's a picture book for all ages.
The city I made up inspired by this amazing, magical, fantastic picture book.
First up, (SPOILERS ALERT!) at the start when the man is done with the immigration process, he enters a small telephone-box like creation lifted and maybe guided by a white balloon.
 Is it me, or is that man the possible descendant of Professor William Waterman Sherman?


In my crazy and strange imagination,an immigrant would be guided to a cone like structure perhaps 3/4 his or her height (the cone is adjustable) and he/she steps into it, presses a button, and a special formulated liquid that's permeable, tough, and lighter than air seep out at the cone's very tip area. Then, normal but clean air is blown into, thus making a bubble that floats through the city, eventually finding it's stop. The way it's guided is like so:
  1. The immigrant enters the departures area and tells the attendant where his/her destination is.
  2. The attendant inputs the exact location of the destination and sets him or her off.
  3. The liquid comes out, but with a tiny electronic regulator certain speck of metal, say aluminum.
  4. At each and every destination, a similar cone like structure awaits. It scans our said bubble for aluminum, and it finds it. Then it orders the electronic regulator to begin taking the liquid away so the balloon begins to descend.
  5. Finally, the balloon touches the cone and the traveler has to jump out or risk being impaled on the sort-of blunt cone. All the liquid, the metals, and the regulator are reused or recycled. Ta-Daa!
That's all for this time's blog post. Please comment and if you do so, kindly suggest names for my newly made city.

-Gary Leafbelt Spade, aka "Heto"