Thursday, 27 September 2018

And We Start Anew

I loaded up a new world on an older version, 1.6.4 for it's nostalgia. I started off slow, gathering resources and too afraid to venture into deep caves since the FPS was reluctant to stray above 15. Eventually, it recovered and a steady 30-60 FPS was the result.

I chose a flat area next to a lake on an extreme hills as my base of operations, and I began to dig out a quarry for my future underground base, night fell. I hastily threw up a hill of dirt to house a bed and a furnace, slept the night away, and then continued digging. When I ran out of stone shovels, I realized I had to go mining soon or face the wrath of mobs and no armor. 

Crossing a small river into the plains I lived nearby, I found a decent cave system that granted roughly a stack of iron ore and a stack of coal. Unfortunately, it didn't run deep enough for proper excavation of valuable resources. But it did pay off, for soon after the trip, I discovered a village right next to the system. Neighboring a swamp and a desert, the village was a relatively big one, with one library to loot and a blacksmith's containing no less than 3 diamonds. I quickly crafted a pickaxe and then set off to the mines.

Fortunately, after digging up some more ores, I ran into a deep set of ravines that led to more cave systems and eventually more diamonds. Soon, my inventory began to fill up, and I deemed it a successful trip into the mines and headed back up. Shortly thereafter, I made a pen of animals for temporary farming and went to lay down strips of dirt in a river for a small garden of crops. I enchanted the diamond pick from the village and scored an Efficiency IV coupled with Unbreaking III. I made a snow golem (who knows why) and continued to mine out the quarry for my base. 

I planned to do a multi-layer quarry with several layers for farms, gardens, living areas and utility areas, and possibly a tree farm. I started off by leading all the animals into the topmost layer with a glass covering and a water fixture from a nearby pond, fenced the area off, and made a staircase into the lower regions of the quarry. The second layer was dedicated to a small garden, which I will need but not much, so I didn't bother to expand it any further than the top layer. I then proceeded to mine out the largest layer of them all, a tree farm layer. This one was going to be at least 10 blocks in height, and the same dimensions as the upper layers. 
I took a break from cutting stone and enchanted another diamond pickaxe with the last of my reserves and was rewarded with Unbreaking III and Fortune III.

I returned and began mining a 4-5 block area out, and then decided I had to go spelunking again.

Another short trip into the mines gifted me with 18 or so diamonds from the Fortune ranks on my pickaxe, and I managed to squeeze in 2 pickaxe enchantments, one level 30 and another level 20. The Level 20 was a decent Silk Touch pickaxe, and the level 30 was another Unbreaking III Efficiency IV pickaxe. I chested the other pickaxe and took the Silk Touch. This world is going well, with rather ambitious plans for the base I'm building. I shall continue this, hopefully with more events. Maybe begin mapping out the area.

Next time I post, I'll see if I can get the village to be walled in and map out some more of the area before returning to dig out the tree farm.

Unfortunately, due to errors with the screenshots, I wasn't able to preserve any of the pictures taken during the starting hours of this world. Regardless, next time I advance on this I'll provide a decent load of images. I plan on continuing this world, it's quite a fine one.

Monday, 22 May 2017

The Luck Here is Insane in The Membrane

I created a new hardcore world. I spawned by a village, took off with the loot and looted a desert temple nearby. I liked the location, made it my base, and then made a small tower as a mine in a plains biome nearby. I managed to get enough diamonds for an enchanting table, a pickax, and a chestplate. I found 4 more diamonds in the desert temple. I looted another temple with not much, found a desert village with virtually nothing, and returned to my base. I lured some animals (sheep, cows, and chickens using eggs.) I made pens for them in the first level of my temple. The second level was plant life, the third level is going to be either a storage unit or just more farms. The fourth level is my soon-to-be brewing, my enchanting table, my nether portal, and the rest of my facilities. The final level will be a railroad system to other places.


My luck in new the hardcore world has skyrocketed. I was caving somewhere south of my desert temple home, when I saw this:

It was a stronghold! And the portal with one of the eyes already filled in!

Further south, there was a small plain next to a dark forest. There was a village there, and it had some loot, along with a Cartographer:
This would be really nice if it was a desert village.

I blocked off the way to the portal, and I plan to create a railroad system to it from my temple base. It won't be too hard, it's not too far away. The real challenge is making the railroad system from my mine to my temple.

I will be trading with the Cartographer soon.

Mildy interesting albeit infuriating

English is one of the oldest (relatively) and trickiest (to non-native speakers) languages there is. It's as if it took the language construction rulebook and tore it up then boiled it as a stew. 

For example, we have a word that means this:

Nice. Real nice.

But we don't have a word for the day after tomorrow. Other languages have it. Chinese has "hou tian," German has slang for it -- Übermorgen --, but English has words resembling it, such as "eve" and "the morrow".
I'm out

Until next time,

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Ruffled Feathers

"Attention!" A line of longbow pawns snapped to attention, white, birch longbows contrasting with their smooth, black dimensions. A lone rook patrolled the stiff pawns, looking carefully at them. 

"Birds!!" he yelled. The pawns jumped. Further down the line, a flaming arrow shot up into the damp night air: a pawn had fired his bow in surprise.

The rook finished its last look at the army. He alerted the Queen, the combat specialist, and the King. The King arrived at the place where the pawns, bishops, the rooks, and the knights were positioned. "All the troops are assembled, we shall being the attack. Chronometers OUT!" the King yelled. His magically magnified voice  There a massive shift of movement as over 3 million chess pieces took out tiny, silver necklaces with oblong pendants attached to them. "Anchors OUT!" 3 million chess pieces took out small globes of glass, and stood on them.

Then, they all pushed a minuscule pin to the side of the pendant.

7 minutes later...

The Chessian Army materialized into a large, underground room. The whole army was positioned perfectly, each of them standing on top of the glass globes they had taken out 7 minutes earlier. The King gestured, and the army moved. 3 miles above them, an ostrich slept peacefully, head on a clean, sandy dune. Then, all hell broke loose when the first couple thousand of pawns emerged from the ground.

They fired in unison at the ostrich, drawing bows in fluid, trained military precision. Several meters before they hit the ostrich, they disintegrated into feathers and drifted down to the ostrich and blanketed it with feathers.

There was a slight disturbance in the feather pile.

 Then, instead of an ostrich that rose up, a tall, old man in faded purple robes stood. He looked at the oncoming army serenely, and then shot a few bowls of porridge at them.

"Whoops, wrong spell."

Lighting bolts appeared out of nowhere, making it seem like a god got bored and decided to smite the Chessian Army.

The man raised his hand and the chess pieces flew out, into the surrounding ocean. 

The Chessian Army charged.

"Oh. That's a problem."

The man disappeared. Three seconds later, he reappeared in front of the King and slapped him in the face. Then he disappeared again. The Army was in disarray, and many of the troops dropped their weapons and used their chronometers to get out of the battlefield, which, I have to say, is a fine idea considering the ostrich was coming back to kill them. The King used his superior power to call the army back from the fabric of time to the battlefield. He ordered them to stand, and stay there motionless. He examined all of them thoroughly, causing 20 minutes of extreme discomfort for the rest of the army. Rooks, knights, and pawns all felt the annoyed aura of the King.

Then a rook sneezed.

And where the rook was standing, a large ostrich appeared. It uttered a nonsensical sound of utter surprise, (Well I'm royally screwed) then it slinked it's way into the air like an otter. The otter moved the air like a hot knife through butter, although it could probably cut through a knife with hot butter. The Army was enraged. Not only had this elusive wizard-shit dude evaded all their tactics and advanced time travel and teleportation maneuvering movements, it had humiliated them quite enough. The king decided to enter the field of battle himself, to finally take out the idiotic dingus of a large, flightless bird. The otter was now around 80 feet in the air, still rising upward. The King began to hover in the air, and thus began the slowest chase in the history of chases. The otter turned into an ostrich and began flapping its wings, breaking more laws of physics. Due to this insane rule-breaking, the universe was in danger of imploding. The following years, the King continued chasing Sneeziayl throughout the universe, breaking more physical rules and sprouting the inspiration for Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon's Rick and Morty.

So, don't try to capture one of the greatest wizards in the world, you'll only embarrass yourself, waste time, be an absolute and singular dingus, and trigger people across the world when they wake up to a full scale wizarding battle in their front lawn.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Tea and Biscuits

Imagine this: a ship made of ice and wood shavings, able to regenerate itself by freezing sea water, one so grand that only the British could envision it. Welcome to Project Habakkuk. 

I bet if they added flags and dirt and claimed it as British soil and land, and they traveled around the world, the sun would really never truly set on the British Empire.

During the Second World War, Geoffrey Pyke devised a solution to fighting German U-boats in the Atlantic ocean, where Allied troops had little to no air cover. Pyke thought that an iceberg station in the Atlantic to help store aircraft and fight the German U-boats. Instead of ice, however, he invented a material called pykrete. Pykrete is made of around 14% sawdust and 86% ice, a 6:1 ratio. Pykrete is something like a biological concrete, and it was proposed for the Habakkuk because it can be maintained using seawater.

Wood shavings and water.
The Habakkuk would have giant coolers to maintain the pykrete hull of the ship, and since it would be fighting in seawater, the Habakkuk would have a virtually unlimited source of armor, as long as the Habakkuk didn't run out of power. 

 - Crushing Strength (MPa): 7.584 
 - Tensile Strength (MPa): 4.826 (Almost 4-5 times that of concrete)
 - Density: 980

Damn, those British people are smart.

The Habakkuk would not have main cannons, just machine guns. It's primary weapon would be it's aircraft, since it was going to be an aircraft carrier. Sadly, the British Royal Navy never carried out their weird but wonderful idea due to a "lack of paper" and "paper needed in other industries", which sounds like an excuse to not build the most overpowered ship in the history of ships.

I wonder if they would have stores of tea and biscuits on board.

Friday, 24 March 2017


I went caving in a cave I had found in a nearby savanna in my hardcore world.

I found a dungeon:

Some loot:

I went back to my home to put back the loot, then went tunneling underground. A part of a tunnel was unlit, and as a result, a witch spawned and killed me:

Ugh, witches...
I shall try again soon.

The Beginning?

I am geared up for the fight against the Wither. I chose a nice, flat area in a savanna relatively far from my house, and I started constructing a wither. I left my final set of tools (aside from my bow because I have another one with Flame and Infinity) in my ender chest and brought a diamond pickaxe (Efficiency IV, Fortune III, Unbreaking III), my older sword (Sharpness IV, Fire Aspect II, Unbreaking III, Knockback II), and my final bow with Power V, Unbreaking III, Flame, and Infinity. I repaired my armor a little (the helmet was wearing out) and gathered my materials:

Ender chest
4 pieces of soul sand
3 Wither skeleton skulls
Water bucket
5 golden apples
2 potions of Strength II
5 potions of Speed II
2 potions of Regeneration II
3 splash potions of Instant Health II
Diamond Pickaxe with Efficiency IV, Fortune III and Unbreaking III
The Feral Timekeeper (Sharpness IV, Fire Aspect II, Unbreaking III, Knockback II.)
Full set of diamond armor, all at around half durability
Stack of dirt
Stack of cobblestone
19 pieces of steak
Bow with Power V, Infinity, Flame and Unbreaking III
16 arrows
2 stacks of torches (not sure why I brought them, maybe to light up the whole place if it gets dark)

During the heat of the battle, I forgot to take any screenshots. But nothing too important was missed.

I died the first two times very easily, my aiming was horrible and the boss just hovered above me and struck projectile after projectile into my face, all the while making sounds that were reminiscent of dying whales. 

I lost my full set of diamond armor, my bow, and all the stuff I had with me. I spent some days making and enchanting a full new set of armor and a new sword and some more potions. I didn't have any more apples, so I left that section alone. This time, I was lucky enough to have a Smite IV enchantment on the sword. I made another Infinity, Power V, Flame and Unbreaking III bow but left that for later. I grabbed another bow, with Power IV, took 4 stacks of arrows and headed to where I last saw the Wither.

I sniped it down to half health from an extreme hills biome when it was in a roofed forest biome. Then I drank a potion of speed II and ran towards it, striking it with my sword. Luckily, it stayed directly in front of me and I was able to kill it using the sword. 

I probably would've died if it weren't for the Blast Protection IV diamond chestplate I was wearing.

Here is a screenshot of the Nether Star, hanging above my bed in my main base.

Quite a fight, that was.